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How to Win Government Contracts

If you are a small business, the prospect of doing business with the government is an exciting opportunity. You might be asking yourself what the best way is of winning contracts with the government. The reality is that if you win a government contract, then you have the biggest possible customer to deal with.

Recent statistics show that the government is already spending trillions of dollars each year. Your business can take advantage of this government spending. Winning government contracts is something that small business should strive for. Another good thing is that the federal government allocates a large percentage of its overall spending for small businesses. This should encourage small businesses to have an objective of winning contracts from the government. Government supports and promotes the growth of small businesses and this is the reason why they allow small scale businesses to have a chance to win contracts.

Bidding for government contracts sounds too overwhelming for most small business owners despite knowing that part of the government spending is for small businesses. The reason for this apprehension is the feeling of inadequacy in the presence of large businesses that have more experience and are capable of giving a low bid. They think that competing with these large businesses would not give them any chances of winning.

To win government contracts, you don’t compete with large businesses but with small businesses like yours. Trying to bid with the lowest possible bid is not the way to win government contracts, so don’t stress yourself with this. It has been proven that 80% of the time, the low bid does not win with the federal government.

So winning government contracts is not really about being the lowest bidder. What, then would make you win contracts with the biggest customer in the world?

Give the government value for their money and this will rewards you with a contract. As we have already mentioned, this does not mean that they will always choose the lowest bid. But, it is about the ratio of value and cost. It is the best value that the federal government is looking for and not the low cost.

39% of government spending is allocated to small businesses. What this means is that there is plenty of room for your to explore. There is no competition with large businesses in trying to win contracts since they have their own percentage of government spending allocated for them.

To be able to win government contracts, it is important that you know your services or products and be able to present them in a very exciting way. Take time to convince the government that you will be the best service provider or product provider. If you can convince the government that you can offer them the best value for their money. Offer them quality with your low bid. The best way to win government contracts are in your hands.

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